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Paul Goldstein est un touche-à-tout  dans le domaine de la faune : tour opérateur, propriétaire de 4 campements de safari au Kenya, guide-accompagnateur de voyages à travers le monde, chercheur de fonds pour sauver les tigres, auteur, photographe...

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Through it all the ethical side of wildlife, be it just viewing it or photographing it is desperately important. 'When I see photos of snarling animals I shudder, the 'photo at any cost' concept is disgracefully still-borne . Just as morally derelict are those wildlife photographers who think just by taking some images they will help the species. This is bollocks, I have spent much of the past fifteen years raising money for schools, boreholes, teachers, FGM programmes and natal clinics by photographing endangered animals and those images have big ancillary benefits - over £100,000 worth. This will continue. Unless local people feel a 'warmth' from their striped or spotted neighbour why should they protect them?

'I really don't know where you get the energy from to work such long hours over so many days - but it paid massive dividends.' C.M.
Ethics are a big deal in all facets of photography, I like to see what someone has taken not what they have manufactured, show me a bold flawed photograph than a safe record shot any day.'

Amongst his many pet hates are Chinese traditional medicine, management consultants, politicians, Powerpoint (almost all of them), childish wildlife presenters, meetings over six minutes long and Nikon users (that last one is a joke).

He is happiest on in the Conservancies of the Masai Mara or the decks of the Sergey Vavilov. Among his closest friends are Chris Packham and Mark Carwardine, once or twice they have even agreed with him. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Paul Goldstein - Wildlife Photographer
"Your photos translate your love and respect for this part of the world and how humbly you act as a witness to its storyline and evolution." F.C.

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