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Jan has been working as a full-time professional photographer for over fifteen years. Nature is his greatest source of inspiration so it is hardly surprising that Jan can often be found in his enormous 'backyard', otherwise known as the Veluwe. The diversity of landscapes here, including woodland, heathland, and Europe's largest drift-sand area, Kootwijkerzand, continue to be a favourite subject. The drift-sand area is a particularly unusual spot with extreme weather conditions, where the elements of nature still have free reign.

In addition to his busy activities in the Netherlands, Jan's work has taken on an increasingly international dimension. During the past few years he has visited the polar regions intensively. The results of these extraordinary journeys to Antarctica, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Iceland and Russia are documented in diverse portfolios. Jan's work has been featured in journals such as Panda, Natuurbehoud, National Geographic Traveler and KLM Holland Herald. Each year a large number of calendars, agendas and diaries are published both nationally and internationally.

Jan sees photography as his life's purpose and true passion: his life's purpose because he wants his photos to show the impending decline and disappearance of the Earth's remaining pristine ecosystems; his true passion because he is constantly seduced into the great outdoors by the beauty of nature. Jan seeks to portray the unique nature of his subjects. He is one with his camera, turning into a painter-cum-poet who photographs animal life, landscapes, and plant life in all their splendour. Two factors that greatly influence the appearance of his images are form and composition.

Jan's photos have been awarded prizes in prestigious photo competitions on numerous occasions. Please refer to the awards section for further information. Jan's foremost priority is and continues to be his deep desire to show us the beauty of the Earth and to inspire us to treat her with greater reverence. In his own words: 'My aim is to evoke awe and reverence.'

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Distinctions & Parutions

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009

Highly Commended in the category Birds:

Flying Puffin in snow storm, Norway

Atlantic Puffin_Copyright Jan Vermeer_03

BBC Wildlife photographer of the Year 2007

- Highly commended in the category Creative visions of Nature:

Penguin Elegancy, Antarctica

Emperor Penguin_Copyright Jan Vermeer_17

- Runner up in the category Creative visions of Nature:

Swan Lake, Japan

Whooper Swan_Copyright Jan Vermeer_08

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006

- Winner in the category Animals in their Environment:

Crab Climbing a Tree, Aldabra


- Runner-up in the category Creative visions of Nature

Japanese Crane, Japan

Japanese Crane Dance_Hokkaido_Copyright Jan Vermeer_02




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