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Nick Cobbing est un photographe spécialisé dans l'écologie et la science, tout particulièrement dans l'environnement arctique.

Retrouvez sur son site de magnifiques images de la faune polaire, mais aussi de paysages époustouflants.

From an art school background, Cobbing trained as a newspaper photographer in the UK, supplying The Guardian, Independent and Telegraph, moving on to produce photo-stories for international magazines and newspapers. Over the past fifteen years he has worked with many of the world’s top magazines including National Geographic, GEO and The Sunday Times Magazine. Among numerous professional awards, he has been awarded by The World Press Photo and been nominated twice for the Prix Pictet Prize. Both Time Magazine and Newsweek have selected Cobbing’s work in their ‘Pictures Of The Year’ selections.

Nick Cobbing’s visual style combines an artist’s eye with a journalist’s curiosity and sense of storytelling, resulting in a body of work he hopes will inspire the viewer to discover more. Using a strong narrative and visual construction he strives to lure the audience into the subject, prompting them to ask questions rather than accept a ‘standard version’ of changing landscapes like the Arctic.

Recently Nick Cobbing has focussed on the Arctic and science and research, particularly in the areas of Greenland and Svalbard. He has accompanied dozens of Arctic expeditions in the region over the past few years. Viewed as a whole, the body of work produced during these journeys tells the changing story of the Arctic and its place in our world view.

Recently his photographs of Petermann Glacier were credited with inspiring some of the research into the Bafta winning BBC Frozen Planet television series. The photographs appear in the accompanying BBC book.


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Distinctions & Parutions

• NPPA Best Of Photojournalism 2010, environmental story
• World Press Photo 2009, nature, singles
• American Photography 26 2009 (selected book)
• Webby Awards 2008 best use of photography (nominee)
• American Photography 25 2008 (selected web)
• American Photography 24 2007 (selected book)
• Photo District News 2007 best website
• NPPA Best Of Photojournalism 2007, best website
• Pictures Of the Year 2006, science and natural history




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