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William Steel is a 26 year old wildlife and travel photographer. Born in South Africa, he has spent over twenty years living and now working in Botswana. He has a Honours degree in Tourism Management and a Masters in Business Administration from the UK. William is currently a freelance photographer for the Natural History Film Unit in Botswana, where he is working on several projects for National Geographic Wild.

William is passionate about wildlife and conservation, and his love for nature encompasses  his photographic work. He believes that photography is a tool to inspire and captivate, and hopes to  change the way we view the natural world. He aims to break boundaries in the photographic industry through his unconventional and artistic style. His love for photography is only matched by his desire to travel and discover the beauty of our planets natural history.

Williams images have been featured in several international books including the world renowned publications; Remembering Elephants and its sequel Remembering Rhino’s. Which, so far, have made a combined charitable contribution of over £275,000 for Elephant and Rhino conservation. William has also been featured in numerous regional and International magazines. 

His work has been exhibited internationally, and thanks to the Remembering Wildlife initiative, his photography has been presented at the La Galleria Pall Mall and the Royal Geographical Society in London.

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Distinctions & Parutions

William's photographic work has been awarded in several international competitions which include:

The Botswana Photographer of the Year

The Monochrome Photography Awards

The Bird Photographer of the year

The Sunday times Photograph of the Year

The Getaway Photographer of the year




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