Paul Goldstein\’s World Cheetah Day photography – Dec 2014

MANDATORY CREDIT: Paul Goldstein/Exodus/Rex Features
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Paul Goldstein/Exodus/REX (4273090ak)
Cheetahs, Masai Mara, Kenya
Paul Goldstein\’s World Cheetah Day photography – Dec 2014

With 4 December marking International Cheetah Day, British wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein presents a gallery of his favourite cheetah photographs.

Paul, a guide for Exodus Travels, has been tracking cheetahs for twenty years. He explains: \ »I have spent more time with cheetahs than any other animal.

\ »Being daytime hunters they are marvellous subjects, particularly early and late. Whether it is a mother with cubs, a coalition of males or a single hunting female, they fascinate me and it is why I have spent so many months in their company.

\ »However, because they are day-time animals (they are nothing like robust enough to compete with lions, leopards and hyenas at night) they are very conspicuous and hunting and ?child care? becomes very challenging.\ »

Paul\’s new book ?Predator? is out this week (
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