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Edwin Giesbers est un photographe animalier et de nature Hollandais, professionnel depuis 2005.

Il a publié de nombreux reportages dans des revues prestigieuses telles que BBC Wildlife Magazine, National Geographic, Terre Sauvage and Camera Natura.

Il supporte l'ONG Orangutan Outreach Netherlands en fournissant des images à titre gracieux.

Il a également lancé en 2014 son projet  “Frogs Life Project”  afin d'attirer l'attention sur l'extinction de nombreuses espèces d'amphibiens à travers le monde.


Edwin is a fulltime professional nature photographer for more then 10 years now and lives in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).

For several magazines Edwin produced complete stories (pictures and text). Articles have been published in renowned magazines such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, National Geographic, Terre Sauvage and Camera Natura. In 2011 he was commissioned by National Geographic NL/BE and Dutch Media to produce a book on nature photography in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2015 Edwin produced a book about photography on hotspots worldwide for National Geographic NL/BE and Fontaine publishers.

Worldwide his pictures have been awarded in several leading international photo competitions, including multiple first prizes at the European Nature Photographer of the Year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Natures Best contest. Take a look at the award page to view the winning images.

His work is represented bij Nature Picture Library: an international leading photo agency which has a partnership with Minden Pictures (US). For image use please contact Nature Picture Library.

In the beginning of the year 2014 Edwin started his project “Frogs Life Project” which aims to draw attention to endangered amphibians. Through photo stories in magazines and exhibitions about frogs Edwin hopes to spread knowledge about amphibians. A fixed percentage of the nett sales is going to organizations that are commited to protect amphibians and also do research on the diseases that threaten the amphibians. More about this project:

Edwin says:
People ask me quite often why I became a professional nature photographer. What else? Already as a young boy I explored the beauty of nature around my home. I could be found often on my knees crawling through the field where I had exciting encounters with strange-looking insects and friendly croaking frogs. There is nothing more beautiful than that! Nowadays my work as a photographer is still an excuse for me to crawl around in a field with beautiful flowers and small animals. Just like in my early childhood, but now with a camera in my hand”.


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