Animal sounds around the world

Ecoutez les animaux les plus mélodieux ou les plus bruyants : Gibbon, insectes, morse...

We've scouted around the world looking for the best, the loudest, the most interesting animals! Hear a Gibbon duet, a squeaking moth, an insect so loud it can be painful, and the mysterious sound of Walrus underwater.

As well as these fascinating sounds, we haven't forgotten the favorites; you'll find cats and dogs, guinea pigs, farm animals, and a whole bunch of cute animals as well. Plus African animals, Australian animals, North American animals, rainforest birds, Humpback Whale, Dolphin and more. Hear the cheek click of a Kangaroo, the howl of a Coyote, a colony of Fruit Bats jostling for position, and a happy pig rooting around in the dirt.

Tap the photo of each animal to flip it over, revealing facts about the animal: find out where it lives and why it makes the sound. Find out why donkeys are so loud, why Koalas spend most of the day asleep, and why Adelie Penguins squabble.

Finally, try the quiz and test your animal sound knowledge. There are two levels, suitable for all the family, with a high score table to record your achievements.

Highlights include:
• Screaming Piha, the loudest bird in the world
• Green Grocer cicada, the loudest insect in the world
• Walrus underwater
• Death's Head Hawkmoth squeaking
• Nightingale and White-Rumped Shama, two beautiful songbirds