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Wild Planet

Mensuel en langue anglaise entièrement dédié à la faune sauvage.

In 2011, when we founded Landscape Photography Magazine, we could only have imagined how popular it would now have become.

Now, less than three years later, LPM has gained worldwide recognition. With a rapidly growing following and subscriber base we can now proudly claim the title of the leading online landscape photography magazine.

We also felt it was the right time to create Wild Planet Photo Magazine, a magazine dedicated to wildlife and nature photographers.

Published every month, LPM, WPPM and their accompanying websites have over 256,000 unique visitors in more than 190 countries, making them truly international photography magazines for the digital age. Packed with refreshing content, exciting features and stunning imagery from around the world – all provided by innovative professionals and enthusiasts who share one passion – that of landscape and wildlife photography.

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