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Laurie Campbell is one of Scotland's leading natural history and landscape photographers, and his own picture library of over 120,000 images is the most extensive of its kind by any single photographer working in Scotland. He also contributes to three other libraries: NHPA, RSPB IMAGES and GETTY IMAGES. His award winning photographs regularly feature in magazines, books, exhibitions, displays and company reports, and are distributed in a wide range of products from calendars and postcards to mouse-mats and prints.

Laurie was born in 1958 and developed an interest in natural history at an early age. He began photographing wildlife in 1972, initially from a desire to share his experiences and observations of the natural world. He later studied photography at Napier University in Edinburgh (1977-81), and has since worked almost exclusively in Scotland, travelling from his Borders home to all parts of the country.

He regularly revisits the same areas in order to gain in-depth coverage of rare or elusive species such as the golden eagle, and spent over six years photographing these birds for the highly acclaimed book 'Golden Eagles'. However, Laurie does not neglect more commonplace subjects and works just as intensively to find creative and inventive ways of recording them. Most of his work is carried out in the field using 35mm equipment and natural lighting whenever possible. He is dedicated to photographing genuinely wild creatures in their natural habitats.

Laurie Campbell is the author of two books - 'The Wildlife Photographs of Laurie Campbell' and 'The RSPB Guide to Bird and Nature Photography', and he has illustrated several others including 'The Great Wood of Caledon', 'The Cairngorm Reindeer', 'Wild Scotland', 'Badgers' and 'Golden Eagles'. His most recent book 'Highlanders' features Scotland's ancient breed of long-haired cattle.

Laurie writes regularly for 'Outdoor Photography' (UK) magazine and has appeared in the television programmes 'Wildshots', 'The Photoshow' and 'BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year'. To date he has won 23 awards (including 3 Category Winners) in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. Clients include: Country Living, Observer Magazine, The Field, Scottish Field, Country Life, BBC Wildlife, GEO magazine (Germany), Terra magazine (Germany) OASIS magazine (Italy), Natural History magazine (USA), Scottish Natural Heritage, The Scottish Seabird Centre, The National Trust for Scotland, The Forestry Commission, RSPB, Greenpeace, RSNC, National Geographic Television (USA). Commissions are welcomed.

A wide variety of articles about Scottish natural history, featuring Laurie's photographs, are available for publication. These cover many of Scotland's key species as well as distinctive habitats such as heather moorland and the ancient Caledonian forest. Please contact Laurie for details.


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Laurie Campbell compte parmi les 15 photographes les plus publiés dans le prestigieux concours BBC wildlife photographer of the year




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