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Jasper DOEST

To Jasper Doest, photography is always about emotion. Whether it's a travel documentary in Mexico or Poland, a photograph of a grebe in his home country The Netherlands, or a image series about arctic foxes on Svalbard: it must be a expressive image, an image that should touch its viewers.

Throughout his work the photographer is in search of simplicity and tranquillity. He awaits the unexpected. That's his strength.

The photograph of the Japanese macaque, which got commended in the prestigious Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, has such inner peace. The image is downright intimate: the monkey is covered with drops of water, sharp as a tack, he has his eyes closed as he tries to contemplate, you can almost touch him or softly whisper something in his ear.

Jasper brings nature, anywhere in the world, closer. Close to him, close to others. He explains: 'I owe a lot to the natural world and photography is my way to give something back.'

To him nothing beats sharing his passion: in lectures, in interviews, in workshops, but mostly through his photographs that convey a story. His work has received multiple awards; international journals and books, such as National Geographic Magazine and BBC Wildlife Magazine, are publishing his photographs and articles. He also created several travel and news features for National Geographic Traveler and national newspapers.

Jasper shows what's beautiful around him, around us, and with his pictures he reveals how fragile this beauty is. One split second can tell his story, that single moment in which he freezes nature but brings it to life more than ever before.



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