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Juan Carlos MUNOZ

Photographe Espagnol

A camera is the best tool to contribute worldwide nature conservation.
His landscape photos are iconic, whilst he creates a breath of fresh air with his photos of animals.
As a long time lover of the planet’s wildest spots, he includes an artistic vision with each photo he takes.

“Though a biologist by training, I took up photography because of my passion for nature. For me, biodiversity is a rich joy, in which I lose myself every time I’m in the countryside. It’s a brimming world which I try to capture in my photographs.”

Since childhood, when I used to spend the summers at my grandmother’s house, nature, this environment so full of life has been a constant source of fascination for me.

As the years went by and more hours were spent in the countryside, all those animals which attracted me so much could be named, the rivers could be drawn, and the trees and plants separated according to the season of the year – the mountains became ever more prominent like a challenge becoming more accessible.

When I decided to study Biology, I allowed myself to be led by my passion for nature. I was simply doing what I had always liked to do. I felt like those tears of fog which I found so attractive and which are incapable of breaking away from the trees and peaks they are attached to.

Commitment accompanied knowledge acquired at university. I didn’t have my own voice, nor did I have words to express it, but I had my first camera, the tool with which I felt no fear when capturing this nature which fascinated me. I could only manage to engage others by showing them my vision. Afterwards, I could be silent.

Twenty years have gone by since then, and I now feel that this passion for nature will be my constant companion in my desire to photograph the natural world. My work doesn’t possess a language to denounce, but rather to highlight nature compared with artificiality. And now that art has become a fusion, I can no longer distinguish between painting and photography, art and science without showing the essence and the consciousness of the surroundings through my photographs. Attempting to stimulate the onlooker’s gaze, but trying to speak to his mind.

To do this I have travelled ceaselessly across every continent. I have travelled extensively throughout America, I have gone deep into Africa, I have searched out the wildest corners of the old Europe, I have become impregnated with the rhythms of the Asiatic countries, I have allowed myself to be seduced by the ancient cultures of the Middle East and I have been in places as far flung as the Antarctic, the Arctic and New Zealand.

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Distinctions & Parutions

  • GLANZLICHTER 2011 First Prize The Art of Camouflage Category

  • Photograph from the ‘WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE’ Project, Prize Winner in the GLANZLICHTER 2011 International Photographic Competition

  • The chromatic simplicity of the taiga, Prize Winner in the GLANZLICHTER 2011 International Photography Competition

  • NARAVA 2011 PSA Honorable Mention Nature Category

  • ASFERICO 2010 First Prize Mammals Category

  • EURONATUR 2010 Nature Treasures of Europe Fifth Prize

  • NAMUR NATURE 2010 Festival Jury’s Grand Prix ‘Emotion Ailes’ International Competition

  • FOTOCAM 2010 two Honourable Mentions Creative and Vegetation Categories

  • MARIA LUISA Memorial MOUNTAIN AND NATURE 2009 First Prize Nature in Movement Category

  • NATURE’S BEST 2009 First Prize Endangered Species Category

  • BBC WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2009 Runner-up Endangered Species Category

  • GDT PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2009 Honorable Mention Landscape Category

  • NAMUR NATURE 2009 Festival Jury’s Grand Prix Emotion Ailes Competition

  • FOTOCAM 2009 Finalist Landscape Category







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