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Ce photographe spécialisé dans la faune et les paysages Ecossais compte parmi les plus publiés dans les portfolios du concours BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, et a été primé deux fois

Hello and welcome to my website, I am indeed blessed to be able to call home one of the most stunning areas in the UK, the Cairngorms National Park, where I run my wildlife photography tours  and image library. Both focus on a wide range of iconic species and locations near to my home and throughout the rest of Scotland.

My work is widely published and used in many national magazines like the BBC Wildlife magazine and national newspapers. Organisations like the Scottish Natural Heritage, the Cairngorms National Park Authority and the John Muir Trust are also amongst my clients. In addition to these, my images have also featured in over 25 books.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have won several awards in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition including the Eric Hoskings Award in two consecutive years, I have also been a category runner up and had a further four images highly commended. In the British Wildlife Photography Awards I won the portraits category with an image of a red deer stag, with a further 4 other images having been highly commended in that competition to date.

Producing a book has always been an ambition of mine. After many years of gathering the necessary images, my life-long red squirrel quest came to fruition with the publication of my book “ The Red Squirrel – A Future in the Forest”, published by Scotland The Big Picture. If you would like to purchase a copy they are available on my store page.

My thought process and why I take pictures is a simple one, basically it’s my feel and vision of the things that I have seen in the wild. A single image which allows me to share these never to be repeated moments with others. It is a real privilege to call myself a wildlife photographer and I feel duty bound to show our wildlife and wild places in the most compassionate and visually compelling way I can. There is no better feeling than having these magical moments; when you have that one to one encounter with a wild otter and it never even knew you were there, or standing on top of towering sea cliff looking out over a glistening sea with thousands of seabirds thronging around you. The sights, the sounds, the smells all make up the experience that stir the soul and are all part of the image making,  “take what you feel not what you see”.

Many thanks for coming to look at my website and I very much hope you enjoy looking at my images and the tours I offer.

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