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Paul was born in Kenya to Irish parents and relocated to Hong Kong when he was four. Packed off to boarding school in Dublin at age 7, Paul was a veteran traveler at a very young age and the travel bug has remained with him since.

Paveena was born in Thailand but moved to Chicago when she was two. She travelled regularly back to Asia and spent many of her holidays camping and hiking among the woods and lakes of Illinois and Wisconsin .

After graduating from university, Paul’s number one priority was to escape the Irish climate and get back to Asia on a permanent basis. He stumbled into a career in finance for which he somehow bluffed his way through for 20 years and managed to achieve various industry rankings despite an appalling grasp of all things numerate.

Paveena was almost the mirror opposite of Paul – being academically gifted and fluent in three languages. After stints at the Thai embassy in Madrid and law firms in Thailand and Hong Kong, she is now a director of the yoga division of Pure International, one of Asia ’s largest yoga and fitness companies.

After dabbling with black & white photography in school, Paul made his first move into wildlife photography in the early 1990s with the purchase of a Nikonos underwater camera. By his own admission, he was hopeless and it took several years before he was able to produce any sort of acceptable images.

In 1997 he made his first safari to Kenya and was completely smitten – both with the African savannah and with wildlife photography. From that point on, every vacation was spent pursuing this passion – both on land and underwater. He is completely self taught and has persevered through much trial and a great deal of error.

Despite working in the same office tower in Hong Kong, Paul and Paveena met on a diving boat in the Galapagos islands in 2001. At this point, Paveena was already an avid diver as well as a budding photographer with a natural eye for composition.

Since then they have travelled the globe together in pursuit of their shared passions for nature and wildlife photography.

While Paveena continues to work, Paul is now taking the first tentative steps in attempting to commercialise their passion. This web site is one of their first initiatives.




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