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Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

Centre de sauvegarde de la faune au Costa Rica

Rescue. Rehabilitation. Release.

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center has been dedicated to saving lives of animals in need for over ten years. Animals of all kinds arrive at our sanctuary having suffered unimaginable abuse, deforestation, abandonment, and disease-- almost always due to human cruelty and carelessness. For these animals, we are their last and only hope.

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center gives animals a second chance at life. Our dedicated staff and selfless volunteers work tirelessly to help these animals heal, keep them safe, rehabilitate them, and eventually re-release them into their natural habitat in the Costa Rican rainforest.

We are not a zoo. We believe every animal deserves a healthy, happy, and for wild animals, this means freedom. Great care is taken in slowly and carefully re-introducing each animal into it's native forest. However, some animals arrive at Costa Rica Rescue Center with injuries so severe that it would be impossible for them to survive on their own.

Animals have never known the wild, having been stolen from their mothers as babies and spent their lives exploited as tourist attractions, suffering horrific mental and physical abuse and neglect. These animals have no skills to survive in the the wild, and for them the Rescue Center is a sanctuary, a haven where they can recover and spend the rest of their days in comfort and safety.




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