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Snow Leopard Trust

Sauvegarde du léopard des neiges.

The Snow Leopard Trust builds community partnerships by using sound science to determine priorities for protecting the endangered snow leopard:

Understanding snow leopard behavior and habitat
Listening to the community to identify needs
Seeking resources for sustaining long-term programs

The Trust is the largest and oldest organization working solely to protect the endangered Snow Leopard. It was founded in 1981 by Helen Freeman 1932-2007) who worked as a volunteer with snow leopards at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. She became fascinated with the cats and was motivated to set up the Trust to protect the snow leopard in the wild and its habitat. The SLT is partnering with communities in snow leopard habitat and developing supportive programs for both the cats and the local communities through science and research. The Trust works to determine key snow leopard habitat, assess wildlife-human conflict levels, and identify potential resources for conservation programs.

The SLT (partnered by Panthera) is currently running a ground breaking 10 year snow leopard research and conservation project in Mongolia, which has radio collared 15 cats and is collecting some of the most significant field data on snow leopards ever collected.




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